AudiencePoint is the recognized leader in Send Time Optimization (STO). AudiencePoint optimizes, schedules, manages and publishes content to all your digital channels at the best possible time. AudiencePoint is unique in that it leverages existing Email Service Providers and API’s and aggregates email and social media usage data, triangulating and profiling the best time to send a message to each individual in a marketing campaign. AudiencePoint partners with leading email service providers, marketing firms, and other organizations to dramatically improve customer engagement, open and click-thru rates, and conversions. Most importantly, the proprietary time optimization technology delivers a significant ROI through increased revenue. audiencepoint.com


BorderJump provides U.S. eCommerce merchants with a set of tools that help them convert and fulfill sales in international markets. Through a single integration to the BorderJump platform, merchants can access a real time duty and tax calculation engine, multi-currency payment processing, export compliance measures, a managed logistics network and localized marketing services.  Integrated retailers seamlessly extend their footprints beyond U.S. borders and provide customers with a convenient, reliable and highly localized shopping experience. www.borderjump.com


Branditty helps local retail businesses brand themselves to their hyper-local communities through the use of a unique online platform and point of sale customer data collection process. In essence, Branditty builds customer email databases for retail business clients and then uses email and social media to create, deliver and analyze coupons and offers to "subscribers" (customers). Not only are consumers given the ability to view and print great deals from which they subscribe, but can also search and view other coupons and offers from other businesses right in their hyperlocal communities. branditty.com


Criterion Holdings, dba Criterion Security Group (CSG), is a full-service security firm offering a comprehensive line of services including: security personnel; risk assessment; consulting; and background screening. The principals have over 150 years combined security experience ranging from international peacekeeping and contract security services to local county law enforcement and the management of maximum security prisons. Currently, CSG services clients in the manufacturing, food service, hospital and residential industries. www.criterionsecurity.com


Dataium is the leading automotive data utility company collecting, analyzing, and indexing millions of online auto shopper behavior events. These behavioral events leave behind a digital footprint. When collected, aggregated, and analyzed, these footprints provide important information regarding online purchasing behavior and activity, consumer trends, interests and intent, and effectiveness of web design and promotions. The company uses this information along with its cutting edge collection and reporting technology to empower its customers with the best possible data available. www.dataium.com


Industrial Ceramic Solutions is a product development and manufacturing company that applies state-of-the-art materials and equipment support systems to remove particle pollution in the areas of diesel engine and industrial exhaust, using high-temperature filtration. Through the use of patented ceramic fiber filters, ICS can operate in atmosphere at temperatures up to 2,200o F, removing over 95% of particulates, and regenerate in a fraction of the time of standard ceramic filters. www.indceramics.com


J2 Software Solutions provides public safety agencies with a Software as a Services (SaaS)  platform.  Law enforcement agencies, state & federal fusion centers, fire departments, dispatch centers, and detention facilities now have a cost effective way to upgrade their systems from old antiquated server based solutions.  Due to the modular design of the technology, organizations from 5 employees to 50,000 can have a seamless custom solution at a fraction of the legacy costs. www.j2ss.com


MyWerx is a technology company that develops cloud computing software solutions to optimize copyright ownership identification. MyWerx mission is to make it easy for anyone to know who owns and / or licenses’ a work. The foundation of our platform is a validated-wiki, copyright registry. Registering and validating a work helps creators and their representatives organize a portfolio of the life’s work of an author. www.mywerx.com


Network Contract Solutions provides businesses, financial institutions, and healthcare companies with Ncontracts®, a web-based contract management solution, that provides useful summaries, alert notifications, and custom reports with full-scale implementation services.  Far more than just software, Ncontracts features a complete contract implementation process in which key elements of each contract are summarized and categorized by paralegals to ensure the highest level of data integrity and accuracy. The improved data quality, timely reminders, and reporting capabilities allow each client to experience significant financial returns. www.ncontracts.com


ProviderTrust is a leading healthcare risk mitigation and technology services firm based in Nashville, Tennessee. The Company offers Software as a Service (SaaS) credentialing and data management solutions. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, staffing agencies and individuals utilize the technology to implement the most efficient and productive way of maintaining, managing and monitoring a professional's healthcare licensure and certification data. www.providertrust.com


RLCL Acquisition, dba Gray Line of Tennessee, is a Nashville based transportation business. The Tennessee company provides transportation services to a diverse customer base across several lines of business including charter, sightseeing, casino, airport and school bus transportation. Strategically positioned in Middle Tennessee, they operate specialized local, regional and national transportation. graylinetn.com


Stratasan (formerly HealthDataSource) provides advanced analytics on healthcare and additional data sets via Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Intelligence from the massive amount of healthcare data is now available via cloud services opening the market to a wider audience. Customer segments include: hospitals, hospital systems, pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare service companies, and public health. www.stratasan.com



US BIOLOGIC has developed an innovative product that prevents the transmission of Lyme Disease. With over 300,000 new cases in the US each year, Lyme Disease is the most commonly reported vector-borne infectious disease in the United States. Lyme disease is spread from mice to ticks and then to humans. US BIOLOGIC’s LymeShield product is an oral vaccine pellet that when fed to mice in the wild, breaks the disease cycle at its source. The end result is a significant reduction in the risk of contracting Lyme disease. www.usbiologic.com